When I was a child I loved to draw, just like lots of kids love to draw. I always had pictures in my head but they never looked the same when I tried to draw them. I would complain to my mother about my drawings and tell her �it never looks how I want it to look!' She would say, �Its just practice, keep going, you'll see!' I wasn't sure I actually believed her, but I did keep going because I loved drawing so much, and the more I did, the more I could see she was right. Now I find myself telling my own daughter exactly the same thing. There is magic about creating something new from just a blank canvas and a few pigments - when you think 'hey - yesterday this didnt even exist!' I have then, had a life-long 'keeping going', I have made puppets, marionettes, painted murals, ran an art studio and artists cooperative, messed around with pottery, and been permanently scribbling, drawing, painting and illustrating.

I finished University with a Bachelors Degree in Education, I studied Education because I was fascinated with how people learn, interact, develop, and become the wonderful social beings we are. After that I spent some time teaching grownups about communication. Of course, I was still 'keeping going' with my artwork. Now I am able to focus entirely on creating pictures for clients, and have had the pleasure of illustrating some wonderful stories. I am also lucky enough (since I love working on my computer) to be able to provide a range of desktop publishing services both to illustration for print clients, and online publications.

Although I have spent most of my life in New Zealand, I now live in the Netherlands with my partner and daughter. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to live and experience 'the other side' of the planet, and that I am able to continue pursuing my love of art and illustration for children in my new country.

My aim is to produce pictures that children will love and remember, that enhance the story and add another dimension to the written word. I use a range of styles and media, am flexible and creative, while still working steadily towards goals and deadlines. I see no reason why creativity and professionalism shouldn't work well together!



Soft Pastel, Acrylic, Watercolour, Graphite Pencil
Digital, Pen and Ink, Coloured Pencil, Collage, Multimedia






  • "Tears in a Treasure Box"
    Written By Eleni McDermott
    Illustratioms by Suzy Brown
    Ages to Ages Publications
    (Australia )
  • �Cranky Granny�
    Written by Eleni McDermott
    Illustrations by Suzy Brown
    Ages to Ages Publications

  • "Mama's Big Helper"
    Written by Karin Ireland
    Illustrations by Suzy Brown

  • "Meet the Monsters"
    Written by Christine M Irvin
    Illustrations by Suzy Brown

  • "Chickenpox Chad "
    Written by Vicky L Baxter
    Illustrations by Suzy Brown
    Weeones Magazine

  • Theres A Spider In My Sink!
    Written by Bill Kirk
    Illustrations by Suzy Brown



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